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Historic Artifacts Featured at Discovery Center Westchester / Playa Historical Society

By Robert Sawyer : ARCHITECTURAL BUSINESS MAGAZINE  THE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MAGAZINE FOR ARCHITECTS Digging fervently for a new building foundation, Yovanni Hernandez struck something hard. Working quickly to remove all obstacles in his path for an expected concrete pour… Read More


By Cozette Vergari : Born in 1905 in Texas, Howard Robard Hughes Jr., now famously remembered as Howard Hughes, brought both aviation and film making to Westchester. Hughes was a business mogul, record-setting pilot, film maker and one… Read More


By Cozette Vergari : Born in 1913, a native Angelino, William H. Hannon dedicated his life to giving back to his community. His father, a rancher, and his mother, a homemaker, instilled in him a love of the… Read More

June 2021 Article

WESTCHESTER/PLAYA HISTORICAL SOCIETY PIONEER SERIES HOWARD DROLLINGER By Cozette Vergari : We have already written about the courageous visionary, Ella Drollinger, taking the risk in 1944 of building the first commercial property in Westchester, an area that was… Read More