2023 Candle Making Workshops

Unfortunately, all of our workshops have been filled for 2022 and 2023. If you wish to make a candle for your front yard next year please email us at wphistorical@gmail.com

If you are already registered please continue steps 1-3.

Step 1

Westchester / Playa Historical Society Candle Making Workshop

Order Form

Step 2


Please add up the base price of the Candle ($200) with any extras desired. Adjust the PayPal amount to the desired number and follow through with the payment process.

1 Ticket to Candle Workshop $200 base price

Please adjust the price to reflect the base price ($200 + the total amount of any desired extras)


Step 3


Please review the document below prior to arriving to the workshop. If possible bring the signed form with you. There will be forms available at the in person workshops.

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