Westchester Breezeway Exhibit – Panel 11

Milliron’s – A Peak Into The Future

Milliron’s department store, opened in Westchester in March 1949 at the northwest corner of La Tijera and Sepulveda Boulevards. The $3 million dollar store embodied a host of unique design features created by Gruen Associates. Architectural historians consider it a prototype for the modern self-contained department store mall. Gruen cited the economic advantages of a low sprawling building, with parking, an auditorium, dressing rooms and a cafeteria, as well as other retail on top of the building. Elevation of the main façade screened the parked cars from street view. Victor Gruen, of Gruen and Associates, in collaboration with his wife and partner, Elsie Krummeck, designed the Millirons store.

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